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  • How to change the font on Windows Setup

  • Here you will find out how to customize from top to bottom your operative system!
Here you will find out how to customize from top to bottom your operative system!
 #13132  by Shaneee
 12 Feb 2011, 01:14
Before I start you will need Restorator 2007 installed. You can get it by clicking here

Click on an image to see it larger.

Ok First of all open up the file spwizres.dll.mui which can be found in the following locations for the setup.

boot.wim - Sources/en-US/
install.wim - Windows/System32/en-US/

Once open in Restorator click the Edit mode button at the top as seen in this image or press 'F6'


Once you have done that you will be able to change the items on the window but don't click on a different item. What we need to edit is already selected.

Now on the right hand side you will see this.


Now you want to untick the box that says 'Fixed System' once that is done you click the button with the three dots and choose your font and style as follows.


Unfortuantly changing the font colour does not work. Neither does choosing Bold or Italic. See it changed below.


Simple just comit the changes by pressing 'F8' then save and close.

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 #14601  by nrvl
 19 Mar 2011, 04:48
m8 tried this. as said by buster. Ain't working.. well if do we need to post the font file any where ? i mean if we are using some other fonts ?
 #14636  by Shaneee
 19 Mar 2011, 08:27
Add the font to the font folder in boot.wim and install.wim
 #14659  by nice_guy75
 19 Mar 2011, 12:16
mere adding font won't help you. You need to register those fonts as well.

follow this:
Add the fonts directly to C:\Mount\Windows\Fonts
Now you have to register those fonts to be listed in applications...For that register each fonts in the following location

Code: Select allHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE--->SOFTWARE--->Microsoft---->Windows NT---->CurrentVersion---->Fonts

All Registry values must be in string type.

Better install the fonts you want in host operating system and export it from the above location and to integrate it in offline WIM

load the registry hives using the following command,

Code: Select allreg load HKLM\temp C:\Mount\Windows\system32\config\SOFTWARE

and edit the registry to the following location


Code: Select allHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE--->SOFTWARE--->Microsoft---->Windows NT---->CurrentVersion---->Fonts


Code: Select allHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE--->temp--->Microsoft---->Windows NT---->CurrentVersion---->Fonts

temp refers the name you are using to load registry hives from offline WIM

Note: I have not tried it mate, I found it somewhere I am just sharing this.

Edit: If you still can't get it right follow my tutorial over here
Code: Select allhttp://www.newage-os.com/viewtopic.php?p=14733#p14733