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  • Finding switches for silent installers.

 #5274  by Angel
 14 Apr 2010, 21:27
Finding switches for silent installers.

My favourite silent install ever. Resource Tools 2.9 for x86 and x64. This was on the old board and I cannot find the author so Kudos to whoever upped it. Install what ever version you need and you will have a load of tools added to your right click context menu.

Restool x86 43.23MB
Code: Select allhttp://www.mediafire.com/file/2ojvimezmuj/Resource.Tools.2.9-x86.exe

Restool x64 43.42MB
Code: Select allhttp://www.mediafire.com/file/l5g40oimhhf/Resource.Tools.2.9-x64.exe

Screen shots.
First: Right click setup file. This brings up the context menu. You need to click Resource Tools and then Open With Silent Switch Finder.

Second: A new window will appear with the switch(es) you will need in the Usage box. Most installers will use /S but there are others.

This installer is MSI based. Most of the time you will not need msiexec.exe just the intallers name and the switch/ /qb is a passive install and /qn will be a completely silent install.

Some installers will be INNO based and use diferent switches.

There is another app called CMenu which adds "More Otpions" to the righ click context menu. Just click on Identify Installer and it will give suggestions as to the switches to be used. NB This only works for x86 based systems.

Cmenu 2.6 1.48MB
Code: Select allhttp://www.mediafire.com/?12g0rzv2ucd

A great website for finding switches and other command line entries is APPDeploy. Just type the name of the app in the search box.
Code: Select allhttp://www.appdeploy.com/