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  • Make a silent install with WinRAR - Includes pictures

 #9860  by Angel
 09 Sep 2010, 22:18
Make a silent install with WinRAR - Includes pictures

1. Right click the app you want to make silent and then click on (WinRAR) add to archive.


2.In the new WinRAR window that opens and in the General tab check the following settings. Archive format = RAR. Compression method = Best. Check the "Create SFX archive" check box


3. Now click on the "Advanced" tab and then click "SFX Options".


Under the general tab go down to "Run after extraction" and type your apps name and then the switches. (Or copy and paste)


5.Go to the "Modes" tab and check the following...


6. Go to the "Update" tab and check the following...


7.Exit that window and then click on the "Comment" tab. Check you have the right settings and then click on OK at the bottom of the window. WinRAR will now make your app. Double click the newly created file to check.


 #9864  by Angel
 09 Sep 2010, 22:57
It's up to you. You can choose either. Only files that are newer will be overwritten when you choose skip existing file.
 #25858  by Chris2k
 02 Mar 2013, 00:35
Here's an update, using winrar 4

In this guide I will show how to create a simple silent install of the popular FTP program called Filezilla

After you have WinRAR installed right click the filezilla installer package and select WinRAR> Add Archive

In the General pane select Create SFX archive

WinRAR will automatically crate a sfx exe version. Now right click that and select WinRAR > open with WinRAR

WinRAR opens with the filezilla setup program inside of it. Select the SFX icon and then select advanced SFX options.

In the General Tab we will define the silent switch variable that runs filezilla silently . In this case it is /S so under Run after extraction we type the full filename and the /S switch.

Under modes we make sure it unpacks to a temporary folder and Hides all displays.

Under Update we will select the extract and replace files and the overwrite all files (This is done just in case an earlier version may have been copied at some point)

Finally if we want to customize the icon that the package will use we can add it here.

Select OK

The new filezilla silent install package with its customize icon are now ready for use.