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  • Using AutoIt for silent install

 #11836  by stihlcut
 25 Dec 2010, 17:26
what is an Autoit Script
it is a simple script , made to do jobs automatically , u write down the script (the script is mainly a robot that will tell the system what to do ) , then compile it , the resulting exe will do what u specifed in the code each time the program runs,
What is the relation between Auto it and silent install:
simply , u wil make the installation go smoothly , without ur interaction , the script u make will do the job .....

OHH dear , shall i write scripts and think of coding
Answer is , NO , u will see in this guide , how will we make scripts for silent installs without writing code.
Why and when shall i use autoit for silent install ?
when u don't find the silent switch u need , u are pushed to use the autoit method ..

==============NOW LET US GOOO!!!!================
firstly we need the program ,,, get it here
and we need the Scite tool , to use the script recorder::


install both programs ,,,
now go to :
Start >>programs>>autoit V3>>scite>>Script Writer
install both programs ,,,
now go to :
Start >>programs>>autoit V3>>scite>>Script Writer
Now , we have to add little code to our app , to avoid hassles , and running same application again and again

$SF_1 = "app.exe"

If WinExists ( $SF_1 ) Then Exit
AutoItWinSetTitle ( $SF_1)

** u may ask , what is this attented for , the answer is , this code is just a safety measure during the testing period , i once used a script which don't have this code (or similiar) and a big trouble occourded , the compiled EXE kept running it self again and again , and at last , 101 process where running on my poor pc :no: , i used taskkill to
get rid of those processes and i succeded :thumbup
replace app.exe by the installation package exe u selected when recording the script, now save the file near by ur EXE package as u see in the pic , then compile the script ....
NOW all is done we have the compiled EXE , try running it now , u will see every thing in the setup going automatically
without ur interaction , once u test and find every thing working good , u may make a RARsfx which will have the compiled EXE to run after the extraction process