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Share Your Unique Windows 7 Bootscreen animations and Logons here
 #11850  by nice_guy75
 27 Dec 2010, 15:13
New version of this application is already released, and I have a word with the developer, the application is still in beta stage so working in some machines only. I also asked him about the "Resuming Windows" issue, he replied that the issue is still in his list and will address the issue soon. The new version doesn't require signing of winload.exe.
I think we should wait for the final version.
 #12373  by xxrazor
 14 Jan 2011, 11:27
Gangester wrote:Did anyone manage to make it to work in a custom os build?

This is what i have manged so far,

Using the boot animations HERE

I have managed to get it working using the older tool from Code for Life, i can only change the second text and not the first text

Here is the older tool, x86 and x64
Code: Select allhttp://hotfile.com/dl/96692679/35ecb62/Boot_Animations.rar.html

Here is where i got too
View My Video

 #12791  by scott45333
 30 Jan 2011, 19:45
Could anyone shed some light on how to apply this to a custom build. How can I sign the drivers, etc. so users don't have to do the work themselves? I would like to include a modded boot screen in my next release, just not sure how to manually sign everything.
 #13228  by xxrazor
 14 Feb 2011, 08:03
Ok you need to follower me here, these are posts from sevenforum

From Coder for Life
The with issue Alpha 9 seems to only shows up when you don't have the hidden partition. The default for a new install is to have that hidden partition, so it should work. I can assure you that Alpha 8 will fail when integrating it into a new install.
You may need to explain this comment

From xxrazor
"The with issue Alpha 9 seems to only shows up when you don't have the hidden partition"

Can you explain what i need to do to get Alpha 9 to work base on the comment above please.

I have a patch that enables you to install Windows 7 without being forced to create the hidden partition.

You need to mount boot.wim image 2 and substitute "sources\winsetup.dll"

When you boot from the dvd and you get to the "Where do you want to install Windows?"
screen, If you choose next you will get the normal partition layout with the hidden partition.
But if you click "Drive Options (advanced)" you can create a partition using the whole disk and the hidden partition will not be forced upon you. Thank To Neuropass

what about inno setup? NSIS is another installer that is free! Please explain something, if you do have a hidden partition it works? Isn't about everybody who haven't used @xxrazor's patch?

From Coder for Life

Many people do not have hidden partitions, xxrazor's case is a very special one in that from an unattended install on a clean computer there will be no hidden partition.

The other ways to get no hidden partition is to be installing Windows onto a computer that already has an OS (Linux, Mac OS, Windows XP or earlier, ...). This is likely the most common way to have no hidden partition, initially I thought it was the dual-boot setup itself that caused the issue.

The last way I know (which is how I did my testing) is to use a utility to partition the drive before installing Windows. Some manufactures use a system similar to this so that the end-user machine has no hidden partition. When I ran into a person with this situation it is when I knew that it was the absence of the hidden partition causing the problem.

I am new to this whole installer thing, and my initial (very brief) search turned up NSIS. Inno Setup looks promising as well. Seeing that I haven't actually started making the installer, I can still change which one I will use. Thanks for the input!

NSIS is a script language that can be compiled into an installer. Inno Setup is the same idea.

@all Important!
I am proud to announce that I have successfully fixed this bug that darn bug causing problems with people who didn't have a hidden partition. In fact it uses a very smart system now to find the exact bootmgr that you are using (even if you have the hidden partition with a bootmgr but use one on your main drive, it should still work!). I plan to use this smart system for the other files (winload, winresume), but that will come in a later version so I can release the current one.

I have also added complete winresume support. You can edit the resume screen completely independent of the boot screen!

It also has complete SP1 support!

There have also been other numerous, less obvious, changes as well.

I will hopefully release the new version tomorrow, I still want to run one last set of tests on all systems (x86/x64, RTM/SP1, with and without hidden partitions).

Hopefully this next release will have no big hang-ups, and I will release the first beta with a full-image background support.

So it seems we have some good news, i will keep i eye out for the new beta version.

 #13357  by xxrazor
 17 Feb 2011, 10:23
Please note i have updated the thread to the lastest version of Boot Animation Alpha V10

Read carefully, especially this part


* Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 (unless you use the special version designed for .NET Framework 2.0)
* MS Visual C++ 2010 library: x86 / x64 (unless you use the special version designed for .NET 2.0)
* On Windows Vista: the WIM library

Please enjoy