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 #14313  by xxrazor
 16 Mar 2011, 08:14
Can some try this please, let us know how you go, this is the next step in allowing you to load boot animation on the install of a new OS.

You will require this tool as well

I know people were having problems with integrating the modified files into install.wim / boot.wim. Well, if you could, I would like you to try out a new tool I made.

The tool allows you to self-sign things, generating a custom certificate for you. It then lets you install this custom certificate into the registry of the to-be-installed computer. I think that the installer just wants those modified files to be signed. If this is true, I will add a cleaner system for this situation, but for now, please test this out.

Signer x86




Signer x64




Signer Source




Signer script example




http://www.coderforlife.com/projects/wi ... as/#signer
To use it:

Download the signer (or signer64 and rename to signer)
Download the example script and extract it
Open the example script in Notepad
Edit the "locale" and "name" in the script (close to the top)
Set the "root" to the mounted folder of the WIM, or alternatively run the program from the command line with the mounted folder as an argument
Repeat last step for both boot.wim images and the desired install.wim image
Each time you should see 5 notifications that it successfully signed the files and 2 notifications that it installed the certificate

Please tell me if this makes it work! Thanks! Coder for Life
 #15947  by nrvl
 15 Apr 2011, 09:40
mate where is example script. i m not getting that!! can u attach that ?? i m testing now..
 #15979  by nice_guy75
 16 Apr 2011, 05:02
nrvl wrote:mate where is example script. i m not getting that!! can u attach that ?? i m testing now..

Here you go mate:
Code: Select allhttp://www.coderforlife.com/projects/win7boot/extras/#signer

Try it and let us know the result.

I am eagerly waiting for your reply.
 #15980  by nrvl
 16 Apr 2011, 06:44
hi mate i think i failed some where!!

here is the ss,

I mounted and directed to the mounted path, however can u tell me the name which has to be entered there and also the locale!!
 #15981  by nice_guy75
 16 Apr 2011, 08:02
I was also planning to test but I was confused, what did you edit at "Name" in example.bat file? I guess we have to enter the name of the certificate and I didn't find any certificate in all the file I have downloaded.

BTW, can you show me the example script you have used, I am talking about the edited one.

Edit: Did you check the "read and write" box in gimagex before mounting your image, secondly I can see double slash after "windows" in the path of the files. These are the two issues you need to focus.
And regarding locale name, its for language I guess, if you are trying to change the English text you better leave it default i.e. en-us, if not then edit it acc to the language. I am not sure but this should be like this, that is what I think.

Though I have manged to change the boot animation in the boot.wim and my installation also started without giving any problem and that too with custom animation but it didn't reboot after "Installing Updates" and gave me some error.
 #15984  by nrvl
 16 Apr 2011, 15:28
Code: Select all:: Set this to your locale
@set locale=en-US

:: Set this to the name of the certificate to use (is generated if necessary)
@set name=My Name

:: Set this this to the root of the installation (e.g. C:\ or the mounted boot.wim / install.wim

:: %1 means the first argument to this script
@set root=C:\zMountDir\

:: Don't need to mess with the rest of this
@echo off

:: Remove " from the path
for /f "useback tokens=*" %%a in ('%root%') do set root=%%~a

set win=%root%\Windows
set sys=%win%\System32
set sysl=%sys%\%locale%

signer /nologo /sign "%name%" "%sys%\bootres.dll"
signer /nologo /sign "%name%" "%sys%\winload.exe"
signer /nologo /sign "%name%" "%sysl%\winload.exe.mui"
signer /nologo /sign "%name%" "%sys%\winresume.exe"
signer /nologo /sign "%name%" "%sysl%\winresume.exe.mui"

:: Cannot be signed this way and I don't think it matters
:: signer /nologo /sign "%name%" "%win%\Boot\PCAT\bootmgr"

signer /nologo /install "%name%" "%sys%\config\SOFTWARE"

Well i found out one thing!! the locale remains en-us as u said mate!!
Well wen i listed the certificate in the signer.exe it has " My Name " as the certificate!!


And lastly I have added the installation / mounted folder links there!!

Hope there is some solution.. and also even for me it worked for the first session of the bootscreen. well wen it goes to second session or lets say wen install.wim comes to play it say winload.exe has not be signed .. probably some thing has to be done with install.wim..
 #15985  by nrvl
 16 Apr 2011, 15:48
Hi mate one good news.. I made it via manual method. and it seems to work. However I didnt try it for install.wim , I;ll try it and ll let u know. However one strange thing is that it asks for internet connection lol. My McAfee asked me that signer is trying to get internet facility and I blocked it. well it did'nt sign, well later i allowed it and it signed lol. i know it sounds crazy but its true. well here is the ss of the signed files at my sys and also it worked on boot.wim
i ll try it on install.wim and ll let u know mate!!

 #16006  by nrvl
 16 Apr 2011, 23:03
sad sad sad!!

even though everything is signed the windows aint accept it.. :thinking:

Here is my signed success dll msg,

Still getting the error,

Well any solution mates.. :thinking:
 #16010  by thaimin
 17 Apr 2011, 01:24
Hi all!

I am the creator the signer tool and Windows 7 Boot Updater, so I guess I should put my thoughts here as well.

First, I didn't realize that it "required" an Internet connection, but thinking about it I do use "http://timestamp.verisign.com/scripts/timestamp.dll" to timestamp the certificate, which is probably why it tries to use the Internet. I have released all the source code, you could check and see that it isn't trying to do anything close to a virus or be malicious...

About the certificate name, as the script says: "is generated if necessary". The program creates a certificate with the given name if it needs to. I didn't want to force everyone to have a "Coder for Life" certificate!

Thanks for the detailed error message picture. I am still trying to get this to work. Hopefully soon!