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Share Your Unique Windows 7 Bootscreen animations and Logons here
 #16011  by nrvl
 17 Apr 2011, 03:48
Hi Jeff thanks for drop by and letting us know the stuffs. And thanks for the efforts u have put!

Got few questions to ask!!

1) Well wen u say that certificate name can be generated if necessary then what about the My Name certificate mate? I used the " My Name " Certificate to sign the dll files. Hope that is correct!!

2) And I used the manual method instead of the batch file u supplied since there were some doubts to add the stuffs at the bat file!!

3) Well when using the Windows 7 Boot Updater it seems not to verify the certificate, right ? Only wen a new installation is done or wen u use that in install.wim !!
Believe me boot.wim doesn't need a digital certification only install.wim!!

Well i think u ll come up wid more advanced coding to cheer us up.

Thanks for the drop by and do let us know about the fixed bugs and new stuffs mate.

Waiting for u r reply :)
 #16012  by nice_guy75
 17 Apr 2011, 06:27
Ok can you tell me how did you sign the boot.wim files? I mean which image did you mount? See, when I was trying I singed files of both the images and my installation did start without giving any error, as I said I got error before first reboot. So I guess if you mount both the images of boot.wim and then use this method I guess you might succeed.
 #16013  by nrvl
 17 Apr 2011, 08:50
Well i did mount both PE and also Boot stuffs of boot.wim mate.. I did sign both!! but still I got problem. May be due to the install.wim probably!!
 #18920  by neige
 21 Aug 2011, 08:51
Very interesting thread.

I had the same issue on R2 for install.wim.

Let's hope to solve this issue.

TY for the hard work.


N :)