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  • My Gmail account is hacked

  • The boiler room is where any disputes go down! Got something to bitch about? Do it here.
The boiler room is where any disputes go down! Got something to bitch about? Do it here.
 #2721  by ShadowKlown
 12 Feb 2010, 10:19
Glad you were able to recover it. Fortunately, I rode the hacking wave back in old school MSN Chat days and yeah the stuff you mentioned helps prevent it. I discovered long ago that once you understand the how, it's even easier to keep it from happening again :D
 #6729  by mikhail85
 18 May 2010, 12:49
My Gmail account got hacked to, not surprising that my password at gmail can easily be found in the english dictionary. Luckily i was able to get hold of it after a while. Had to change my pass to an alphanumerical one to be stronger.
 #8765  by beboile
 26 Jul 2010, 09:24
Giin70 » 12 Jan 2010, 20:13 wrote:There are tons of little hacks out there people use for gain info and then ultimately hack into things.. Always browse in anon mode if possible firefox supports is now ). It will elimimate a couple possible hacks from places.. Never trust anything you download. Always run it in a VM Box or SandBox first after scanning it. lastly, never... EVER , give out any information you are uncomfortable with. Places that ask for info like that are usually dodgie to begin with.

There are other things out there than can help , but a lot of hackers try to manipulate those first ..

especially this Jhoos thing, i don't get it with people giving away their email passwords to some unknown web applications or social networks
 #14328  by billy
 16 Mar 2011, 11:55
sorry for that but u should use more stronger passwords that includes a combination of letters, numbers and symbols. also change ur password more often like every month or 2
 #26781  by Horror
 19 May 2013, 03:55
I have never been hacked as well, however I would exercise caution on using words commonly found in a dictionary as a password...