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  • well i thought this place was all about modded OS's

  • The boiler room is where any disputes go down! Got something to bitch about? Do it here.
The boiler room is where any disputes go down! Got something to bitch about? Do it here.
 #3113  by Mr.Grimm
 27 Feb 2010, 20:08
but apperently it is only about YOUR modded operating systems, and so far someone has deleted one of the post's and one of the comments i made in the chat room about it, i would like the person to have some fracking decency and tell me why rather than do crap behind peoples backs, it is bad enough you would want me to REPOST everything i had before you all lost it, but deleteing my post's because your afraid it might be better than your own is pretty fracking pathetic depending on how things go after this i prolly won't becoming back i have plenty of other sites that just like finding new os's anyways.. so what ever
 #3116  by Buster67
 27 Feb 2010, 20:42
with the attitude that you show to us Mr.Grimm you are quite welcome to stay away the reason that I deleted the OS you posted is because they provide activators inside the OS and this we do not allow because it will get us shut down..
 #3121  by Neuropass
 28 Feb 2010, 01:50
Mr.Grimm wrote:but apperently it is only about YOUR modded operating systems, and so far someone has deleted one of the post's and one of the comments i made in the chat room about it,


Apparently you didn't read the forum rules. When you are invited to someone else's home you take off your shoes and then go in. just as it goes here.

Mr.Grimm wrote: i would like the person to have some fracking decency and tell me why rather than do crap behind peoples backs,\r

The moderators here do not have to ask permission to delete or modify posts. As they do follow the rules and take care of things that need to be taking care of.

Mr.Grimm wrote: because your afraid it might be better than your own is pretty fracking pathetic, depending on how things go after this i prolly won't becoming back i have plenty of other sites.

As far as being jealous about other OS's , you are obviously not an expert on OS systems. Feel free to join other forums where beginners play. :roll:
 #3125  by Krob189
 28 Feb 2010, 05:00
Woooo weeee, All I gotta say is you are already treading on thin water. If I was a moderator you'd be gone for this kind of post. Oh well, Maybe you'll change your attitude. Newage-os Is the best group of modders period. Everyone else is just imitators. Ripping Nuero's Nivida Os's psh he is the original.
 #3153  by Mr.Grimm
 28 Feb 2010, 20:48
see thats all i wanted to know, and being a horse's back side always gets results faster than being nice.. i know this for a fact.. and your right i don't know much about modding os's but i can build better computers than any of you or alienware for that matter.. as i have said in the past i am a hardware person not a software.. and there are no activators in that post it says specifically on it that you need a internet connection to activate it or did you not get that far?? oh and i thought that the boiler room was the correct place for this kind of post?? or did you guys just make it to learn who to boot and who not to?? and i am sorry but the other site i am a member of has been around for quite some time.. moved a few because of an ex member hacking it but they still managed to keep all my posts..
 #3155  by scott45333
 28 Feb 2010, 21:06
I'm not getting in the middle of anything here, but I to am the also a member of a lot of forums. I can say after trying many custom OS's, I personnally believe the best ones come from the NewAge team. But we all have our own opinions. But if you are so unhappy with the way you have been treated here, why come back. The point has been made, so leave it at that. Things happen to everyone they don't like, why dwell on it. I've had post moved or deleted, but understand the the admins and mods do it for a reason. It is their choice what is best for the site not ours. But to each their own.
 #3161  by Razorsedge
 01 Mar 2010, 01:30
Well Mr Grimm....

Thats some harsh words there and some bold ones as well.

First off with ur post the reason it was deleted was you can post modded os's here if u made them there are 2 sections for this any of the newage team members or mods or admins post their builds in the windows 7 os team section. If you are a member of the board and you make a build then you can post ur modded os in the members project section. The Under Crows build you posted falls into neither of those. On this site we like to teach ppl to build their modded os's and we encourage you to build your own so next time i suggest you look at the fact we want ppl who are part of the board to post what they do there are tons of modders out there but what we want here is the work of ppl on this board as thats what we encourage.

Second in in your complaints about ur lost posts. They are not lost there is a link to the old newage os forum where all the posts still are. because the data base was corrupted by the hack neuro had to redo the board from scratch and could not use the old database or it would have just corrupted this board as well. On the old board you had a total of 31 posts, less than half of those were topics u posted most were replies so thats 15 posts or less you had there. Now you could have easily gone there and copied the 15 or less posts u made on that board that would not have taken more than 10 mins. I have over 1200 posts on this new board and oly 50 or so were taken off the old one. To copy the 50 posts over from the old board took less than 20 mins. Now if copying ur less than 15 posts from the old board and the 10 mins it would take u to do so is too much work then what does that say of you. Maybe you should stop complaining and copy over the 15 posts you have in the 10 mins instead of coming on here all the time I have seen you complain about that since you came back on the board that has been open for 3 mths now so are u saying in 3 mths you have not been able to find 10 mins to do that stop crying already if thats the case its no ones fault that you being to lazy to do it and no one to blame but urself. U make it sound like you did 200 posts or something u have less than 15 and your crying about it it took u what 2 mths to get just 5 posts on here so u could see the whole board and u cried about that too, everyone else who wanted there posts here moved them over and never said a thing. You were the only one to complain and you had the least amount out of everyone. STOP BEING SUCH A CRYBABY.

As for the fact you are a hardware guy so am I, I have been building computers for over 10 years now. I would never be so bold to say I could build computers better than anyone. U sure think your better than even alienware. Anytime any place I would take someone throwing a bunch of computer parts in front of the 2 of us and see who can build the better machine. I think u should check your ego at the door no one forces you to be here.
 #3171  by Mr.Grimm
 01 Mar 2010, 06:12
no worries razor but in my own defense i didn't know about the old site still being up no one ever told me and i posted almost the same post's on both sites i go to give or take one or two, and the other i have 32 tho i don't know how many were after the first move, and i have been building computers since win 3.0 was the next big thing hard to remember exactly how long ago that was but i am sure it has been at-least 20 years granted i am only 30 i have been messing with computers since i was in the 1st grade and built my first one from scratch when i was around 11 i think... my ego is only big when it comes to building things and that includes everything from small engines to homes and everything that goes with them i believe in being prepared for what is coming in these up and coming years which will utilize all my skills including those i learned while in the military.. but anyways i am getting distracted.. so far i am hearing plenty of different rules about why my post was deleted everyone is saying it was because it was pre activated or had an activator in it.. which it did not.. and now you say it is because it wasn't my own custom build.. so either way all i wanted was a reason why it got deleted not anyone to ask permission just a letter saying hey this is why i deleted it.. and you guys seriously think people sit and read every rule?? the only things i read completely are dean koontze books.. and i do not mean to sound bold or rude i just do not believe in beating around the bush.. i say it like i see it, with out any exaggerations mixed in.. so sorry if i offended you guys, to me words are words and are meant to be taken lightly specially when typed because there are no voice inflections to go by.. well anyways now that this is all straightened out thanx for the info..
 #3172  by Razorsedge
 01 Mar 2010, 07:51
Thats ok Mr Grimm.

I don't want to come off as a big as*Hole. It's just I see Neuro and Buster take a lot of crap from ppl and all they do is try and help everyone. Lately I have started to take more of a handle on it and back them up as they deserve a break. They are trying their best for everyone here and offer up help or knowledge that most sites would not give out freely. Thats the difference between newage and a lot of other sites if ppl want help we are here for that for all of you.

The build posting U did yes there is many gd modders out there with many a build to offer but here we would like to keep the mods that are put on here to be from members of the board. It keeps it a bit more personable that way to encourage others to try and see what they can come up with for the site. We are not a warez site here like most we would rather have you learn and build from within sort of thing so everyone can have some fun with it.

The post part it's not much to ask for members to make 5 posts to see the board its a way to let us know u will contribute a bit there is not a large userbase here anymore and the more ppl that contribute the better the site will be for everyone. You can find the link to the old board in any of the sections just enter a section of the board and at the top u will see the link to the old board where you can move ur posts over. We wanted to give ppl a chance to move their stuff over before we did it so they can post their own things if they would like to again .

As for the building of computers I have no doubt ur good at it, its just if u say ur better than anyone here thats a hard thing to say I know a number of ppl that are very gd on the board with hardware. I understand you wondered why your post was deleted next time if it was ever to happen just ask one of the admins or us mods on the site if the one u ask does not know they can find out for u. Its not often posts will be deleted, but build wise we would like to keep it as ones done from members of the site to encourage more ppl to make their own os's if they so wish .