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  • My laptop, Windows 7 Ultimate DVD's and Key, and cell phone

  • The boiler room is where any disputes go down! Got something to bitch about? Do it here.
The boiler room is where any disputes go down! Got something to bitch about? Do it here.
 #8932  by housry23
 02 Aug 2010, 13:14
My ex girlfriend is schizophrenic and went into one of her "episodes" about a month ago. She didn't sleep or eat for like five days. I went to bed one of the 5 nights and forgot to take my car keys with me to bed. When I got up the front door was wide open and her, my car, laptop, Windows 7 Ultimate(Retail) and cell phone were gone. About an hour later, her and the car showed up, but nothing else. She swears she didn't take it, but she doesn't remember very much from these 5 days. Either she, or someone leaving one of the neighbor's apartment took it. I had Lojack for laptop's installed, but it is not working the way it is supposed to. I am so mad. I found a new laptop on Craigslist. I bought an HP with Pentium T4200, 3GB RAM, 320GB HDD that has been upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate with a valid key for 100USD. The guy thought it was broken, but I fixed it and it didn't cost me a dime to fix, but I liked my Asus lappy much better. I got T-Mobile to hook me up with a new customer price on a new phone(gave them a sob story) and I like my new cell phone(My Touch with Android) better than my old Samsung Behold. Anyway, moral of the story is even if you know your girl loves you and you love her anything can happen. We were together for 4 years and I thought I knew her and thought I had seen the worst of her mental health problems. Needless to say, she is no longer living with me, nor is she my girlfriend. I have been through it with her more than I deserve. I love and care about her, but just can't be with her anymore. Peace
 #8967  by Giin70
 03 Aug 2010, 00:36
bud, im gonna tell ya. I was in military for 10 years with some of the same people, just when you think you know them. They do something with a twist. Its almost as if you can never trust anyone nearly. I give benefit of doubt until i see something fishy, then i just watch from afar to see what explodes without be in the kill zone.

Glad your back on track for most part. I know it sucks, I been there long ago.