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  • The boiler room is where any disputes go down! Got something to bitch about? Do it here.
The boiler room is where any disputes go down! Got something to bitch about? Do it here.
 #9653  by DQScott95
 03 Sep 2010, 04:49
Alright. So I was browsing the internet looking for things that may entertain me and I stumbled upon (yet another)
"flame war" with Macs and PCs (Apple & Microsoft). I got very, very angry when I saw a shit ton of Apple fanboys making snide
obsured remarks about how Macs are muuuuch better than PCs. I personally hate the comapny Apple and all of their products, but
I am going to try and write this from both points of views (Apple fanboys & PC users) altough it might seem completly biased.

Ok here we go:
1st of all whenever anybody on the internet says anything "good" about a Mac or PC one side comes on in and starts bashing the other
for no reason. Lets say (hypothetical situation) that Apple has just released their brand new product... "the iPod foldable".
Someone notices the new product and starts a thread saying how good it is and stating all of its great features, a PC lover
will happen to stumble upon this thread while browsing the internet and decides to give it a look. They start bashing it
in every way possible ranging from its looks to its compatiblity (which is always an issue with Apple products). So another
Apple fanboy comes in and reads that post and states something bad about Microsoft and Windows (usually only pertaining to
Windows 2000, Windows Vista, and the BSOD) somehow completely forgetting, that like all other major software and harware companies
Microsoft releases new products and updates, constantly filling in "possible" security holes and providing patches for
compatibility issues (which seems to only be a "slight" problem in Win7).

Apple fanboys ARE the most annoying/irritating/stupid people on the internet. they "almost" never have good facts and details to
support that Apple is better than Microsoft, and always dis M$ in the dumbest ways such as, as you have ALL heard before
(Windows sux it always crashes, my Mac never crashes), (Haha, your computer is all slow now that you have had it for 8 years ive
had my Mac for 3 years and it still runs fast) -yes I actually saw this statment before- and of course the famous (Macs dont get viri).
Im sorry to dissapoint you Apple fanboys but YES THEY DO. Apple has HIDDEN updates to protect against viri, and the reason they HIDE the
updates is because they dont want people like you knowing that they can get a virus. Granted that there are MANY less viruses for a Mac
than a PC but that does not make Macs invincible. The fact that all of you Apple fanboys talk shit about Microsoft (despite Microsoft
saving Apples ass back in 1997) only hurts apple because of your lack of facts and idiotic ranting on the stupid fact that you think
Apple is a better company. (If you dont believe me about Microsoft saving Apple here: http://www.wired.com/thisdayintech/2009/08/dayintech_0806/

Microsoft is an amazing company. They make amazing software and Operating Systems and even some great hardware. They are leading the Computer
manufacturing company in the U.S. and PCs host 97% of the computer market share while Macs only have 3% (this may be wrong feel free to tell me).
wINDOWS 7 is the most amazing OS in existance for reasons ranging from its great compatiblity, abundance of software, and great features and
customizability. When peoples computers crash it almost always not their fault (directly), either they did not know what a security program was,
or they just downloaded a file without making sure it was safe and it ruining their computer (its not that hard to right click and scan, feature
available in almost every security program for Windows). Its not at all hard to use a PC unless your an idiot who cant figure out the most simple

Macs OS X looks a little pretty and polished... but has major compat. issues and almost no good games. I guess I can agree that they "may" be better for
graphic design (altough I personally dont know why).

Yes I have used Macs before (I was forced to by my school), and I have to say I hated using them. I would have much rather have been using
a PC. While Macs may look pretty they arnt much good for anything else BUT looking at. I am a harcore PC user and I consider myself a prefessional in the

Yes I realize that this rant was in fact completly biased so no need to flame me on that fact alone.
 #9667  by Darksiderj
 03 Sep 2010, 17:25
I completely agree... Mac fans are the most closed minded people I know, they wouldn't be so bad if they didn't bash Windows every chance they got... or if they would at least acknowledge that both operating systems are great and they just favor or prefer Mac, like we prefer Windows and Linux. Personally I've used all three and I think Windows is the best followed by Linux(which I need to learn and use more), then Mac. Mac is a decent OS, but its useless to me and better for other people, its all preference. There not better for graphic design at all, the only advantage they have is the software made by Apple that doesn't work on Windows (And you can find similar software made by third party companies that do the same tasks just as good for Windows)... if you get a decent gaming pc (which cost about the same as a base model Mac) or a really good one like an Alienware M17 laptop(which cost about the same as the rest of the Apple computers but have more features by far!) you can accomplish all your graphic needs in the same quality or better than on Mac!

 #11496  by Zerotix
 06 Dec 2010, 23:05
But my Mac is better than your PC!

I kid, I kid. I agree with you for the most part. While I do believe that my PC can do anything my friends Mac can do just as good, I have to give it to Mac for making a smart move to the sheep of America, and by sheep I mean people that have absolutely no clue how to use a computer. If you think about it, there is more ignorance towards computers than we think. Most of us PC extremists have been using PCs for years now. Any teenager can pick up a Mac and declare himself computer savvy. And while that pisses most of us off, I tip my hat to Stevie Jobs for fueling the biggest piece of polished junk out now. And I will admit that even though I love my Zune, I love using iTunes MUCH more than the Zune software. It. Is. Garbage.

I really wish I knew more about Linux though. I'm a minimalist. I like things neat and clean. I've used Ubuntu before and I love the clean feel to it. I just wish someone around me knew how to set it up for gaming.

Also, off topic, if you're going for a professional look, you may want to spell check :D
 #11512  by Angel
 07 Dec 2010, 10:09
Zerotix wrote:Also, off topic, if you're going for a professional look, you may want to spell check :D

With the advent of the cloud the importance of an "OS" will become less.
 #11831  by Neuropass
 25 Dec 2010, 05:03

This video clears things up...
 #11832  by Shaneee
 25 Dec 2010, 11:37
I must say that Windows does it for me. But now that I have Mac OS X installed its also very good but not quite as good as windows. Windows has a larger selection of apps etc but apple has some very unique apps
 #11856  by neoGX
 27 Dec 2010, 23:08
love the topic, also a good apple rant,
i have been checking out a mac book though, as mentioned they are nice to look at, but also nice to use with win 7 installed :p
 #11864  by Neuropass
 28 Dec 2010, 04:09
IiTz ShAnE™ wrote:I must say that Windows does it for me. But now that I have Mac OS X installed its also very good but not quite as good as windows. Windows has a larger selection of apps etc but apple has some very unique apps

same here, specially with 7 now... i tried apple , but i just can't get it.. :wtf:
 #21686  by Epic
 19 Feb 2012, 17:47
I do love my iPad/iPhone but i prefer windows, and have no intention of swiching to a mac though, just hate the look lol.
 #22177  by caution
 30 Apr 2012, 20:57
lol the macs i have bought all break within a year of me having it i bought a macbook and it broke after having the harddrive replaced in it i found out there was a crack in the battery part where it plugs in and i never took the battery out of it so i am assuming mac took it out to change the harddrive and broke it so it does not work anymore and i have always perfered windows so thats my little rant on macs lol