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  • The boiler room is where any disputes go down! Got something to bitch about? Do it here.
The boiler room is where any disputes go down! Got something to bitch about? Do it here.
 #17642  by shadow257
 30 Jun 2011, 08:39
hellboy2325 wrote:I guess the problem is if you don't get delivery which requires the receiver to sign for it you are susceptible to some scammers but that can be avoided for the most part if you only post to people who have good feedback and use a potal service that allows tracking and signing for packages.

I have sold multiple items for £500+ but have never had this problem mostly because I choose my buyers carefully.

I understand that as well, but I find it hard to believe that if you have a positive score of 98%+ and over 10,000 positive feedback and no negative feedback in the last 365 days that it is something to watch out for. In the end seller and buyer scores mean nothing, make sure that you pay $100 in shipping and add it to the listing (even tho originally I got yelled at by have shipping over $20) and DON'T do international business.

Better yet, just run your own store site or blog with the products that you want to sell and advertise. That would be better, at least no 3rd party can give you the shaft.
 #18000  by Cybernetix
 10 Jul 2011, 11:46
That's ebay, does seem to attract these kind of people unfortunately and we get shafted, you have to be very careful and always use tracking.

my latest troubles with ebay was i sold a GTX 560 ti super overclocked edition, this was only a week old and had no problems with it & to which i also provided the original receipt. One month later the buyer decides to open a paypal dispute to claim his money back saying it was faulty, and just like you my friend paypal put a temporary hold on my founds until the dispute had been resolved.

Cutting a long story short he won his case i got the card back minus the cable & anti static bag to which paypal give me a part refund of £16.00 for the new cable etc. - i since sold the GTX 560 on outside of ebay.

this really pis*** me off big time, had he lived closer to me i would of snapped his jaw NP

as i like to change my hardware probably more often then i should this as now left me seriously thinking about selling things on ebay.

I'm currently selling nothing on ebay i have over 1600 feedback with on negatives or neutrals

as i mentioned i sold my GTX 560 i also sold my GTX 570 & my ASUS Crosshair IV Extreme.

To make room for Asus Crosshair V Formula AMD 990FX (Socket AM3+) and my GIGABYTE 6990

Don't think I'll be selling them on ebay

good luck to you ppl who carry on with ebay
 #18964  by Rangerixxi
 24 Aug 2011, 15:17
People still use Ebay? Man that place is littered with nothing but scams and scam artists. The same thing happened to my wife when she shipped something to someone that whined after 2 days that she did not receive the item. We were in GA at the time and she was in CA.

We showed them proof it was shipped and RECEIVED by the customer and they still ruled in the customers favor. That was the last time I did business on ebay. That website sucks.

To top it off they bought paypal and the fees are ridiculous. You practically have to charge abnormal prices for simple things just to make any money off of it.

I hope ebay shuts down and burns.