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  • The boiler room is where any disputes go down! Got something to bitch about? Do it here.
The boiler room is where any disputes go down! Got something to bitch about? Do it here.
 #3178  by Cheyenne
 01 Mar 2010, 12:05
crap you want to try Aberdeen guys read the morning paper and dolls do their make-up all whilst driving too work. lol
 #3301  by Mr.Grimm
 04 Mar 2010, 10:25
yea how some of these freaks pass the test is beyond my comprihension , and as for the big trucks those freaks need to learn what the F a blinker on an on-ramp means.. it aint hard to hit one of their gas tanks i promise..lol :this:
 #5220  by dankdan
 12 Apr 2010, 19:24
There are plenty of bad drivers out there, but what makes them worse?????

Cell Phones!

There's nothing I hate worse than watching a Soccer Mom (Footballer Mom?) try to back into a parking spot with a 25ft long Excursion, while holding a phone to her ear. Not to mention the TV's folded down to block her vision and kids singing along to Dora the Explorer...

It never fails. I'll see a car meandering back and forth in the lane, going 10mph below the speed limit and when I finally get a chance to pass...there she is on the phone.

I want a device that does one (or all) of 3 things:
1. Jams the signal and forces them to get off the phone
2. Creates a loud screeching sound in their ear so they have to drop the phone (this one could lead to accidents tho)
3. I patch into the call and give them a piece of my mind AND then the call is dropped

I have been known to talk in the car, but with technology today, it is perfectly easy to put it on speaker and leave it on the seat next to you while you talk. I haven't graduated to Bluetooth yet, but I'm hoping for a kick @ss Pioneer w/navigation that'll let me talk through the stereo...
 #5257  by sweeper240
 14 Apr 2010, 17:54
I've seen more than one bus driver in Los Angeles Texting while driving, its hilarious, until they kill all their passengers.