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Many Other Tutorials That Don't Belong In Any Of The Above Sections Here.
 #677  by Razorsedge
 20 Dec 2009, 23:05
This tutorial will explain how to make a custom autoplay menu for your modded os. So that when u put your os disk in a cd or
dvd drive of a computer that has windows on it already you will get a splash screen to come up where u can just click run wpi
to bring up your wpi post installer

first u will need autoplay media studio I use one thats made by Acen thats a silent install you can get that here

Code: Select allhttp://rapidshare.com/files/155920618/AutoPlay-Media-Studio-v7.5.1000.0.exe.html

So after u have it installed open autoplay media studio

First thing is to click create new project

Now in the enter project name box pick a name for your project and enter it there

You will see in the box many templates for making your autoplay menu myself I use my own custom pictures for the menu
so I always select blank project here

Your can pick a template if u like any of the ones u see but for this tutorial I will be showing you as per using
blank project

So now just double click blank project

So here we have the blank page, now time to pick your back ground
find the picture u would like to use and just drag and drop it in

Now we will set up the auto play buttons

So at the top click the blue square (new button project)

As u see there are many folders with buttons in different colors

You can choose anyone u like or if u have your own custom buttons or pictures u would like to use just navigate to them and select

Now move the button where u would like it on the menu by just clicking on it and dragging

You can also make the button smaller or bigger here at the same time

Now on the left hand side in the properties box click on text to add text to you button

Ok now we need to add the commands to the button to tell it what to do

So in the properties scroll down to the bottom and under actions click where it says ON CLICK

Ok here you can have one of 2 choices if u want the button to open the wpi as well as exit then u will add 2 commands
to the button these are the commands

Code: Select allFile.Open("WPI\\WPI.hta", "", SW_SHOWNORMAL);

then press enter

Code: Select allApplication.Exit(0);

then u would click ok

I myself use 2 buttons one for starting the wpi and one for exit so in this cause u would just add the first line to the wpi button

Code: Select allFile.Open("WPI\\WPI.hta", "", SW_SHOWNORMAL);

then go back to the top click the blue square again (new button Project)

choose the button u want

back to the left side again click text enter what text u would like

then scroll down to actions again click the action ON CLICK again

and enter this code line

Code: Select allApplication.Exit(0);

and now click ok

For vista u will want run as administrator enabled for this so to do that just go to the tab at the top
(If u are making the menu for an xp build skip this u do not need to change the setting)
then Settings in drop down menu then go to the Advanced tab

in the bottom box requested user level change it to require administrator

now to create the project

at the top on tabs click publish

from the drop down menu select Build

in this screen put the dot in hard drive folder
(autoplay media studio will have made a folder on install in your my documents folder thats where this will go)

now click next

now click build

now close the application

go to your my documents folder, into the autoplay media studio 7.0 folder

now go into the projects folder and click on the folder with the name of your project

now inside click on the folder named cd root

inside u will see 3 items, autoplay folder, autorun.exe and autorun.inf highlight and copy all 3

you will place all 3 of these at the root of your os

u will be asked when copying to the root of your os would u like to replace the autorun.inf cause this file will exist
yes u want to replace it

that now completes your auto play menu so now when u insert your os disk on a computer that has windows installed
you will be able to run the wpi automatically :)