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  • Windows Automated Installation Kit (AIK) 7 Final (Silent)

 #18  by Neuropass
 17 Dec 2009, 01:37
 #20035  by Neuropass
 01 Nov 2011, 01:24
BigB wrote:If it was MSI then the switch would be /qn or /quite /norestart

nope. Microsoft does not support installing WAIK via /qb-! or /qn switches because of the EULA. You are forced to accept it.

jamesbebby » 31 Oct 2011, 20:09 wrote:Hey Neuropass, Ive just made the switch to 64 bit..........Can you remember how i made this silent install?............was it with editing the .msi or something?
Cheers, James

You need to use Orca and edit the msi file. Once you opened it go to page Requirements and delete the UI_LEVEL requirement from the msi.

You can also use autoit to create the switch. The script will detect what CPU architecture is installed and then use the proper msi version. :coo: