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Post your desktop screenshots!
 #12355  by Buster67
 13 Jan 2011, 13:26
351837 wrote:Mine. Little bit like Busters. :ha:
Where did you get the transparent mesh image ?
 #12359  by Cybernetix
 13 Jan 2011, 20:41
Hey mine looks very boring & i cant decide do i want win7 or XP, i have this thing going on in my head the win7 use's to much system resources

 #12360  by 351837
 13 Jan 2011, 21:44
Buster67 wrote:
Where did you get the transparent mesh image ?

I get it from psd of apple wall and i make pattern. :ha:
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 #12363  by Neuropass
 14 Jan 2011, 03:21
you have a new generation components PC than you have to switch to 7. I don't think you'll get hardware benefit with xp.
 #12372  by 351837
 14 Jan 2011, 10:57
Another :ha:

 #12548  by Litos
 18 Jan 2011, 23:09
Here is my laptops current desktop, nothing spectacular :p