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Post your desktop screenshots!
 #23457  by Animeware
 30 Aug 2012, 05:39
jdavis » Wed Aug 29, 2012 7:15 pm wrote:[ Image ]
Now you see it...
[ Image ]
Now you don't.

I'm still working on the links for all the buttons. Wallpaper by me.

:coop: I love the icons that is amazing work bro it's kinda hard for me to zoom in on the picture. from what I can see looks Amazing.
 #23503  by TheAslan
 04 Sep 2012, 07:10
jdavis, can you offer a bigger resolution screenshots?
 #27446  by Angel
 19 Aug 2013, 22:14

Linux Mint 15 "Olivia" XFCE 64bit Edition. Numix theme and NouveGnome icons.