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  • Boot Sequence Initiated v.07

 #14204  by YourNumbr1Fan
 13 Mar 2011, 11:19

1) backdrop image
2) userpic
3) logon editor beta
4) wall

*Original image "boot sequence initiated...v.07" created by submicron, and can be found here: http://submicron.deviantart.com/gallery ... 6#/d2chtrj

*Copy the userpic to ?/ProgramData/Microsoft/UserAccountPictures, then choose it under your User Accounts setting in ControlPanel, open and run the logon editor by pacmani and add the enclosed "backdrop"!
That's all!

The logon editor is the creation of pacmani (http://pacmani.deviantart.com/), so please thank him!--This is the BEST logon tool for Windows 7!

****I'm YourNumbr1Fan******

 Download Here...
 #26088  by revin
 30 Mar 2013, 21:59
Isn't this part of Nucleusx64?
Looks cool
Nucleusx64 is also awesome!!!
 #26822  by Animeware
 20 May 2013, 16:29
Crazy style I love it a lot..... Thanks for the share mate