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  • Logon Workshop 2 by ~dejco

 #12443  by Buster67
 16 Jan 2011, 12:59


What is Logon Workshop:
Logon Workshop is a serious logon screen customizable tool for Windows 7 to customize every part of logon screen. That is, you can change button size, accessibility button location, other button placement, margins, user tile width & height, background overlay, text color, shadow and more.

Change Log
Initial release

r2 beta:
Added Skin choicer
added added images tab to editor
added about skin tab to editor
added options dialog
added "Set as logon background" context menu option for images

added new logon customizing options

shut down button padding values were not correct
removed message boxes when applying background
background is now croped
accesabillity button has its own background images and not generic button images

output tab
some menu options

new editor ui
added support for png images
added option to move shut down options button under shutdown button

now works with 64 bit Windows 7

Known issues:
when you try to replace image with png image you may get error that file is in use. Just close message and try again

2. error dialog pops up: when applying logon. run LWS as Adinistrator

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