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  • Dreams 2 W7 Logon

 #14147  by YourNumbr1Fan
 11 Mar 2011, 08:17

1) backdrop image
2) userpic
3) logon editor beta
4) wall

*Based on the awesome Windows 7 Theme "Dreams Win7 Dark" by Creator...His CreativX profile here: http://creativx.net/forums/members/creator.html Background image (Sector 3 Photon Lapis) done by submicron http://submicron.deviantart.com/gallery ... 4#/d2vgswe Great work, Fernando!

*Frame around glass panel is the work of ducky108, with some modification by me. duck108's DA profile here: http://ducky108.deviantart.com/

 Download Here...
 #14159  by panda24
 11 Mar 2011, 11:07
cheers great job m8 :perfect: