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 #14192  by YourNumbr1Fan
 13 Mar 2011, 05:41

1) backdrop image
2) userpic
3) logon editor beta

*Copy the userpic to ?/ProgramData/Microsoft/UserAccountPictures, then choose it under your User Accounts setting in ControlPanel, open and run the logon editor by pacmani and add the enclosed "backdrop"!
That's all!

****I'm YourNumbr1Fan******
(I mean that.....in a creepy way.)

 Download Here...
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 #14281  by YourNumbr1Fan
 16 Mar 2011, 00:12
I deleted this from DA...It's among one of my worst creations; I don't know why I thought this was cool! But thanks for responding. :coo: