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  • Logon Reworked

 #14208  by Geodomus
 13 Mar 2011, 12:57

Code: Select allhttp://windowsstartup.deviantart.com/#/d2vajau

another thing that i have found at DA some time ago, thought i'd share it with you.

again, NOT my work, all credits go to the Author himself
 #15719  by xXT3KXx
 08 Apr 2011, 15:53
hi all ....just wondering if there is possibly someone could alter this logon a bit for me or direct me to a posible way/info on me altering it myself...im a bit of a newb and ive just barely started scratching the surface for fine tuning the logon...well any way if there is anybody willing to help id just like a completely transparent version of this (like without the white inlay)...if its possible......any help is appreciated greatly