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  • Install Windows 7 directly from your internal Hard Disk

 #24188  by Neuropass
 10 Nov 2012, 04:09
TheAslan » Thu Nov 08, 2012 10:41 am wrote:So this happened for me again....I'm not sure why my Asus keeps doing this, when I used HP there's wasn't this kinda bug at all never, it's this stupid Asus what's acting weird.

[ Image ]

But this is what I get no matter if I'm installing from usb stick or this method, looks like Asus forces me to use a dvd as a installation source.

You need your laptop drivers raid/achi at that point. :thre:
 #24195  by Neuropass
 10 Nov 2012, 20:42
You need a USB stick or cd drive with USB.
Download this drivers:

Code: Select allhttp://www.mediafire.com/?fv1w5j2fkm5n7yl

once you get to that page click on load drivers or Browse, locate the driver folder and install it. After that your HD's should appear.

If that version does't work try different ones from intel's site like x64 RSTe etc etc..
 #24216  by Neuropass
 11 Nov 2012, 19:09
BigB » Sun Nov 11, 2012 12:56 pm wrote:
TheAslan » Sat Nov 10, 2012 8:42 am wrote:How I can do that?

You need to inject them into "boot.wim" so they are available during setup and if you also inject them into your "install.wim" you won't need install them. WinToolkit or DISM can do this.

Good Idea BIGB I forgot about it. You can actually do it easily with DISM:

Code: Select allDism /image:c:\TEST_FOLDER /Add-Driver /driver:c:\TEST_DRIVERS_FOLDER /recurse

I posted a full guide here: Examples of DISM commands. Build your custom 7 with DISM

Before injecting you need to make sure the drivers are the right ones. So if you try the USB stick method it's faster to know which driver works for your system.
 #24219  by TheAslan
 11 Nov 2012, 19:43
Tested and everything is working perfectly :) :) I used WinToolKit.

But huge credits goes to you guys, without your awesome help and knowledge I would never succeed, Thank You!!! Respect!

Amazing people in amazing forum <3 <3 <3 <3
 #24220  by Neuropass
 12 Nov 2012, 04:47
I am glad it worked. This is another great guide. Thanks for posting this nice_guy75.