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  • "Center" your pinned taskbar items - no hacks/mods

 #26339  by MayikMiday
 20 Apr 2013, 16:01
Normal Position of pinned items... snore snore

-> First right click on your taskbar and make sure Lock the Taskbar is unchecked

-> Right click taskbar and select Toolbars -> New Toolbar

-> Create an empty dummy folder (I did C:\dummy) and select as toolbar

-> Move this new item all the way (its a long way) left of your pinned items directly next to the Start button.

-> Right click your dummy toolbar item and uncheck "Show Title" to make it invisible when taskbar is relocked.

-> Now you can freely move your pinned items anywhere along the taskbar.

Unfortunately it doesn't adjust position as you open more applications. But on my triple monitor setup, its worth it for me.
 #26345  by Neuropass
 20 Apr 2013, 20:12
cool and useful indeed, thanks for posting this.