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  • Hot keys for more comfortable work with Windows 7

 #26381  by Neuropass
 25 Apr 2013, 13:52
Win + Tab
Calls a screen of switching windows — Flip3D.

Alt + Tab
Goes through all opened programs and allows seeing thumbnails of opened windows.

Win + Space
All opened windows will become transparent.

Win + Home
Minimize all windows except active one.

Win + Plus or Win + Minus
Launch windows-magnifier and correspondingly increase or decrease the screen.

Win + Arrow up
Maximize window to full screen.

Win + Arrow down
Minimize window.

Win + Arrow left or right
"Stick" a window with size of half screen to left or right side of screen.

Win + 1 to Win + 0
Navigation over the elements which are in the taskbar.

Win + E
Open window "Computer"

Win + R
Open window "Run"

Win + G
Show Sidebar (bring it forward).

Win + D
Show desktop. Re-pressing restore all opened windows.
 #26392  by MayikMiday
 26 Apr 2013, 14:16
Alt, f, a
Save_as in most applications

Use the start menu search as well, most applications only require me to type the first 2 letters.

You can also open pretty much any control panel form using the start menu search. Type background and hit enter.

Your pc may need to work the first few times to get indexed, but it's made my life much better using it once done.

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 #26585  by TheAslan
 11 May 2013, 21:51
Win + M
All maximized windows will be minimized.

Win + 1
Open pinned taskbar icon number 1 (Although this does not work if you have more than 9 pinned taskbar icons).

Ctrl + Shift + left mouse click.
Run as Administrator

Ctrl + N
Open new window.

Ctrl + mousewheel
Change view in explorer window.

Check checkboxes