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  • Show us your Rig from top to bottom and feel free to post your benchmarks score!
Show us your Rig from top to bottom and feel free to post your benchmarks score!
 #23442  by Neuropass
 28 Aug 2012, 02:45
Thanks for posting the busbar as well. i really wanted to see how you put that together :perfect:
 #23452  by Cybernetix
 29 Aug 2012, 20:26
LATEST PICS 29.08.2012

Pictures of side panel wiring.

looking below see how i wiered up & tidied up the wiring


Ok looking below you'll see that ive marked out 12 Volt & 5 Volt rails

Looking at the top block at the bottom you'll see to the left is 5V+ & the opposit sied is 5V-

7 on the bottmom set you'll see you'll see to the left is 12V+ & the opposit sied is 12V-

Some peripherals require both 12 Volt & 5 Volt rails to fuction. bSo it's it's important to wire

up has you see in the pics, see how i've use wire i.d letters. So BD = BLU-RAY


Again looking at the image below the main power feed comes from

The PSU from a molex plug,


Below is a standard molex plug with the volts shown

 #23460  by Animeware
 30 Aug 2012, 06:01
Hi Cybernetix

I got to say is I love the way you put to getter the wires. you got more patients then me :)

If it was me I would get over excited with a new toy and put it to getter to quickly and I think I would miss screw or 3.....

I love it, Cybernetix
 #23475  by Cybernetix
 31 Aug 2012, 21:53
Fan Grill modification

Bought has new in silver has seen below.


Took the fan grills to work to give them a very fine blasting removing the chrome finish.


Mission complete now in black, so your thinking why not buy black :O) i wanted scythe & you cant buy in black


More pics coming soon guys happy modding.
 #23495  by Cybernetix
 03 Sep 2012, 18:53
9 X Fan enermax everest silence custom rebuild.

Bought 9 of the enermax everest silence fans has seen below.


Took the fans to bits give the aluminium ring a very fine blasting for the spray paint to adhere to.

Has you can see again below.


Process treatment for spying hang in oven for about 20 secs on gas mark 2 :lau1: dont over cook lol


Starting to look better after being reassembled.


Night vision of illumination, now where i come from that looks BANG TIDY :lau1: lol


Now after looking into things like CFM's these are probably not the best, when i've seen

Others that will out perform these claiming to deliver just over 100CFM's i'd like to

Have fans with LEDS, i may change these towards the back end of the year but not yet

What would you recommend.

More pics coming soon

 #23506  by Cybernetix
 07 Sep 2012, 14:14
Bolt process:

looking below you'll see a plain type allen key head bolt
to which i have used for bolting the fans to the rad & to the case.


Here we can see that i have now created taper head bolts by using the lathe
you can also see they have had a light blasting for preperation for spraying black.


below the bolts have been sprayed and placed in the oven to help the drying process
gas mark 2 for about 15/20 seconds turn gas off & leave in the oven for about half hour to dry fully.


There ya'go finished item think they look much better than a plain cap head bolt.


I'll post a few more pics of some of the smaller projects before we start on the good stuff

its all the small things that make it look better on its overall finished build.

every little helps as they say :lau1:

 #23512  by Cybernetix
 09 Sep 2012, 13:29
Home made L.E.D. bars

I purchased some 1/2" square aluminium bar off ebay, cut to my required size. I start by

giving them a light blasting so the acrylic paint will adhere to, i've made a few of these up

for the new build due to having issues over the last few yaers with cold cathode lamps,

as sometimes they seem to die at one end and with this build i didn't want any problems

regarding lighting after completing the build.


As you can see below the L.E.D.S. seem to imit enough illuminance

forgot to mention the L.E.D.S only cost me £1.49.00 GBP off ebay


More pics to follow :dance:
 #23513  by Cybernetix
 09 Sep 2012, 14:42

Ok guy's here come's the beast code name "EXTREME MONSTA"

Bought one of the corsair Obsidion 800D's not much to say only "AWESOME"

purchased from off the internet at what was the cheapest at the time £237.00GBP

some would say i'm was completly mad putting the multi dremel type cutter to it hey

you've just got to know what your doing and see past it. enjoy the pics.


Out the the box & looking sweet.


All marked out ready for cutting.


Hey come on lets getting cutting.


Cutting complete.


Removed the bottom drive bays not required for me.




Fitted new panel and covered with the carbon effect vinyl :dance:


Hey the radiator looks sickage as my kids would say - lol


All six fans are now fitted and working.


Looking sweet.


More pics coming soon.
 #23515  by Neuropass
 09 Sep 2012, 19:46
looking sickage lol. I like how you worked the radiator part as well. Even the fan wires look good lol. Are those fans good enough for the radiator? Im assuming you set them in push/pull config right?
 #23522  by Cybernetix
 10 Sep 2012, 18:25
Neuropass » Sun Sep 09, 2012 7:46 pm wrote:looking sickage lol. I like how you worked the radiator part as well. Even the fan wires look good lol. Are those fans good enough for the radiator? Im assuming you set them in push/pull config right?

HI Neuro. Well you maybe somewhat surprised to read this but no m8 they are not in a push pull configuration.

When I started liquid cooling PC's some 6 to 7 years ago there was no such thing as push pull configurations

The theory behind the fans on a radiator was to have fans blowing into the center, creating a cold spot

That's were I'm staying m8, if you think about it you really only have 3 fans which are cooling and the other 3 are pulling

Well air rises so why pull? so I don't see the theory behind push & pull I find it a load of cobs wallop in other words bull Sh**

I'm a old timer I.e. You can't teach a old dog new tricks - lol -