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  • Check up Hard Disk health via CMD

 #26813  by TheAslan
 20 May 2013, 01:17
Easy and very useful tutorial if you like to know your Hard Disk health fast and easy.

1. Open CMD and then type this:


2. Hit enter, and then type this:

diskdrive get status

3. Hit enter, you should see a window like this:


4. If it says OK then your Hard Disk health is fine, it shows all your drives there.
 #26814  by Neuropass
 20 May 2013, 02:17
I guess my HD is OK OK OK OK o_0 lol
 #26815  by neige
 20 May 2013, 07:22
Nice find.


N ;)
 #26824  by Animeware
 20 May 2013, 16:33
Sweet Cool Find love it :) My Hard drive is fine it hasn't been acting slow.....