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#1454 by xxrazor
06 Jan 2010, 13:10
Windows 7 Signature Edition Mega Theme Pack!!!!!! By Pauliewog




*2 Beautiful Wallpapers Made By Anthony

*5 Other Wallpapers If You Want To Use

*5 Gadgets

*1 Start Button

*1 Screensaver *NOTE* Its not a virus! lol

*2 rocket Dock Themes

*Icons From Mr Grim

*New Control Panel Pane

* New Logon Screen And New Loading Cursors

*New Start up And Shut Down Sounds

* And Gold navigation buttons

* Animated Explorer For Text And Folders

* Start Menu Windows Logo Is transparent

*Startmenu Animation 2 Made By Spazpunt (spazpunt on deviantART)
Skin by Mr.High - (

I want to thank The Bull, Kal-EL, Mr Gim, Anthony, Fluke, xxrazor, Creator, nguyenxuanhoa for helping
and making this theme possible!!!

*UPDATE* Download The Update Folder And Replace Old Files In The Windows/Resources/Themes Folder If You Want Open Windows With Out The Glow Effect! You Will See Windows 7 Signature Edition2 Pick This One To Not Have Gold Glow!





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