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Share Your Unique Vista & W7 Theme Designs & Patches !
 #6872  by xxrazor
 22 May 2010, 14:31
Longhorn Absolute Glass x86 & x64




Longhorn Absolute Glass is base on Buster67 Longhorn Full glass theme with the following added.

Longhorn Min\Max\Close Buttons
Aaeroa Glass cursor pack
Longhorn sound pack, found it on the net
Glass scroll bars, thanks to Joe
A lot more glass though out
Slick Icon Package x86 and x64
Strata40 longhorn firefox by me
Start Orbs by me
5 Wallpapers (Carefully Chosen)
Top Shell
Animated Explorerframe
and much more.

I would also like to thank those that have help me along this new journey.

Thanks Guys

Please note this is my first theme so be kind, while i believe this is not quit complete, i need to move on and do not be surprised if there is v2 in the future.

While i tried everything to glass the shell32.dll, E.g image 633 and 634 by creating a absolute glass image, windows was unable to see the boarder, rendering the text useless. This is something i will work on in the future by make a boarder in the UiFile once i know where to place it or them.

You need both parts1 and 2
Code: Select allhttps://mega.co.nz/#!bZYl3AjD!KaI-3BdA3uKQMDF_EyKzh2F8AogEpi0u2iRBm1vKICM

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