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Post all your Icons in here
Forum rules: You can find a lot of other icons at this website: iconeasy or this one: icons
 #5621  by RYAN
 21 Apr 2010, 08:26
1. IconSeeker

A really nice search engine that will help you find Icons as the name implies. Also has a “Most Popular” feature which could certainly help you in your search.
Code: Select allhttp://www.iconseeker.com/

2. IconFinder

Another quite useful icon search engine. Doesn’t have the “Most Popular” feature but it looks nice and it seems to sum up some rather nice search results.
Code: Select allhttp://www.iconfinder.net/

3. IconLet

A nifty and simple icon search engine that generates some nice results. Has a “Search Plugin” link which I haven’t yet tries. IconLet was launched in 2007.
Code: Select allhttp://www.iconlet.com/

4. IconLook

Code: Select allhttp://www.iconlook.com/

5. IconDB

A somewhat cluttered search engine to find some really nice fonts. They have quite a large database and seem to give great results. Nice interface however a bit hard navigating at first.
Code: Select allhttp://www.challenger.se/

6. Icons Search

Nice icon search engine with several nice features. Guide how to search and some designer related link listings such as Emoticons, Desktop, Web and Graphics to name a few.
Code: Select allhttp://icons-search.com/

7. Very Icon

Really nice icon search engine with some nice and useful features. With Icon Search, Icon Category and Advanced Search it makes this search engine a truly invaluable tool for any designer.
Code: Select allhttp://www.veryicon.com/

8. EasyIconFinder

A powerful search engine for icons. Some platinum features that makes this search engine really useful. Interface is somewhat cluttered but the instructions are good.
Code: Select allhttp://www.easyiconfinder.com/

9. FontHit

Quite simple but truly powerful search engine to find fonts for your design. It is an ever expanding search ending and you can add your own font site if you have one. Features: Font Search, Advanced Font Search.
Code: Select allhttp://www.fonthit.com/

10. FyFont

A really cool and useful font search engine. Instead of typing in a specific keyword you can simply upload a picture of the font you’re after and it will try and recognize it and point you in the right direction.
Code: Select allhttp://media-vibrance.itn.liu.se/fyfont/

11. FindTTF

One of the most comprehensive font search engines on the Internet. With over 314.000 fonts in it’s database you are sure to find what you are looking for. Somewhat cluttered user interface though.
Code: Select allhttp://findttf.com/

12. MyFonts

Another font recognizing search engine. This one also have the capability to search for fonts the old school way. Different search modes: Find Fonts, What The Font. Really useful and simple.
Code: Select allhttp://new.myfonts.com/

13. Free Fonts

A search engine for free fonts. Simple and straight forward. If you know what you are looking for you can easily find it here and then be directed to the place where you can download it.
Code: Select allhttp://www.free-fonts.com/

14. FontSeek

With over 55.000 fonts attached to their database you are sure to find what you’re looking for. Interface is somewhat dull and 90’s but the results are great.
Code: Select allhttp://www.fontseek.com/

15. TutSearch

One of the most streamlined tutorial search engines on the Internet. This search engine will search a database of over 100 hand picked tutorials. Exclusive and high end!
Code: Select allhttp://tutsearch.net/

16. Vectorials

A really nice and well proportioned search engine searching everything vector. Quite a large database with tons of software categorized tutorials. Excellent for any designer working with vectors.
Code: Select allhttp://www.vectorials.com/

17. Tutorial Vault

Really nice tutorial search engine with tons of software’s represented. Includes tutorials for: Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, 3D Max, Photography, InDesign, Programming and Fireworks.
Code: Select allhttp://www.tutorialvault.net/

18. Tutorial Search

An extensive search engine which concentrates on categories of software’s. Tons of great and pristine tutorials ranging from Photohop to 3D Max and everything in between.
Code: Select allhttp://www.tutorial-search.com/
 #5625  by Neuropass
 21 Apr 2010, 13:37
ha! nice one Ryan!!