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  • Android 4.4 KitKat Screenshots Emerge Online

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Keep your self updated on current affairs. Tech, news, Politics, blah blah. You decide.
 #28599  by TheAslan
 03 Oct 2013, 14:31
Google has already confirmed that the next version of the Android platform will be launched as Android 4.4 KitKat, but it hasn’t provided specific info on when the OS will be released or on what it is set to bring along.

A new set of leaked details on the platform is now available, along with screenshots with the OS itself, all published online over at Gadget Helpline.

Apparently, the guys behind the news site had the chance to play with the OS for a bit, though they say that it was an unfinished version, and that it still had the name Key Lime Pie all over the place.

They also note that features that have been recently rumored to make it inside the platform were found in the build they played with.

What they found includes a Printing and Payments section in the Settings menu of the upcoming OS version, which suggests that Google is finally ready to make wireless NFC payments available for all Android devices out there.

At the same time, the Settings screen showed a Wireless display section, with Miracast included, along with a new option in the Wireless & networks section, called “Manage Mobile plan.”

At the same time, the OS should make it possible for background apps to be prevented from using additional data when connected to a personal hotspot.

KitKat is also expected to arrive with the same UI as Jelly Bean, with barely visible changes to the lock screen, home screen, dock, and notifications bar. However, animations are said to be smoother than before.

Some system apps will feature changes, including the dialer, Gallery (which now includes Print as menu option when viewing an image), and more.

At the same time, Android 4.4 KitKat is said to include a series of new applications, such as Drive, Keep, and Quickoffice.

It’s yet uncertain whether these changes will indeed make it inside the final version of the operating system, though all should be unveiled before the end of this month, provided that previous rumors on Android 4.4’s arrival in late October pan out.


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