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You Can Respond to Tweets Directly from Gmail Now

PostPosted:07 Oct 2013, 23:58
by TheAslan
Earlier this year, Google opened up a few Gmail features to developers, with the goal of speeding up actions in email messages. The quick action buttons made it possible to respond to a message or simply do something about it without having to actually open it.


Twitter is now making use of this feature to make it possible to view tweets you were mentioned with or follow back people who added you to their feeds.

The feature seems to be in testing for now, not everyone is seeing it. Some users both in the US and the UK have spotted it in the wild, The Next Web reports, so it should be rolling out to more people soon.

Most people spend more time with email than they probably should so everything that can help cut down on that time, including small things like these action buttons, are welcomed.