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  • Hidden Environmental issues, documentary, Politics, Human Rights, history facts that everyone should be aware of. Get active be wise. Speak up and Demand a change now.
Hidden Environmental issues, documentary, Politics, Human Rights, history facts that everyone should be aware of. Get active be wise. Speak up and Demand a change now.
 #829  by Neuropass
 21 Dec 2009, 14:40

The Cove exposes the slaughter of more than 20,000 dolphins and porpoises in Taiji, Japan every year, and how their meat, containing toxic levels of mercury, is being sold as food in Japan and other parts of Asia, often labeled as whale meat. The majority of the world is not aware this is happening as the Taiji cove is blocked off from the public. The focus of the Social Action Campaign for The Cove is to create worldwide awareness of this annual practice as well as the dangers of eating seafood contaminated with mercury and to pressure those in power to put an end to the slaughter.

Documentary Download:

Please support the cause by buying the original documentary. More info on the original website (link above)

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 #1054  by Angel
 24 Dec 2009, 16:30
:o Cannot say any more.
 #1079  by rebelde
 26 Dec 2009, 21:56
its a shame as dolphins are docile animals.hope they change the laws and prosecute those criminals.rebelde
 #1107  by DTP860
 19 Mar 2010, 02:04
i hate people who hurt animals for the wrong reason for money or anything i love dogs but hate cats
 #3741  by Neuropass
 19 Mar 2010, 02:05
Have you guys watched this??? It's pretty unbelievable ...
 #3914  by The Black Page
 22 Mar 2010, 10:55
indiefilmman wrote:I'm about to watch it now, didn't it win the oscar for best documentary?

yeah it did bro' & defineately worth watching one of the best documentaries i've seen in a long way,nice up neuro..
 #4593  by freakyfranks
 31 Mar 2010, 09:55
I watched this a couple of months ago and immediately donated to the cause. The Japanese fishing industry has been doing this for years. I was aware of their whaling practices, but never knew about this round up of the most intelligent marine species on our planet. If you ever get the the chance to encounter these beings in the wild, in the water or out, you immediately know they want to communicate with you. I have on many occasions and cannot believe how obtuse those fisherman are. They are murderers. Dolphins are sentient beings, aware of themselves and how precious life is. They have families, children, brothers, sisters, and morn the dead. Their brains are almost as large as human brains and look pretty damn close to ours. Take the time to watch this engrossing documentary and help them stop those uneducated, money hungry asshole murderers. If I had the time and more money, I wouldn't donate; I would lay in ambush of those during the round up and pop caps in the brains of each and every fucker on those boats, sink them, then jet out there on a private sea plane. I think that would send a message more profound than any protest with sign.
But that's just me. :diab:
 #4604  by erickie
 31 Mar 2010, 16:20
Man i cant stand this ...ive been to japan last november, too tokyo. The people are sooo incredible. Its a country like no other.

And to see that they slaughter dolphins....breaks my heart for real
 #6517  by Nemesis
 14 May 2010, 18:01
rebelde » 26 Dec 2009, 16:56 wrote:its a shame as dolphins are docile animals.

They can actually be pretty vicious from what I've heard. I watched a National Geographic special where a few dolphins killed a baby porpoise and then tossed its body back and forth for a while, like they were playing with a ball, although it could be argued that they didn't understand what they were doing. Or there's more to it that we just don't understand, there's always that. Anyways, these killings are horrible, plain and simple.

It also makes me wonder what's in our food?