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 #29292  by stihlcut
 22 Feb 2014, 21:44
This is the deal.I have s2 updated to gb 4.1 running adobe flash ver.11.1. I want to get that to my s4 running gb 4.2. How is that possible?

[update] got the apk and tried to install with package installer but it failed.Is this going to be possible or just will not be supported in any manner. If people would get up to date with html5 this would not be needed for some sites.

[update 2] The easiest way possible...Email the apk to yourself...open email and install...running jellybean 4.3 with adobe flash :ha: for those stubborn sites. if anyone wants or needs this apk I will post it.
 #29307  by Angel
 04 Mar 2014, 21:48
Just got me a Moto G. A quite good but still basic Android phone. With all the updates it's running KitKat.
I tried to install the winamp.apk but couldn't find it in the downloads folder. What I needed was a proper "file explorer" and this is where ES File Explorer File Manager came to the rescue but when I tried the install it would not work so I had to Allow app installs from 'unknown sources'. This can be found in App Settings but may differ on your phone. I don't know if this is the correct solution to your little problem but it may work.
 #29308  by stihlcut
 04 Mar 2014, 22:15
yes I used another file manager x-plore is great. Thats how I got the apk. Just didn't know how to get it installed, or if it was possible because adobe no longer supports flash for android and system say not supported but it installed and works. Anything not from play store requires that unknown sources to be checked. You can work with moving apks as long as they are not located in the system folders, that requires root access and thats where all those undeletable apps are that come from the man. or carriers