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  • reWIM 1.0.2

 #22380  by Neuropass
 10 Jun 2012, 14:33
With the introduction of Windows Vista back in 2007 our traditional process to create Windows PE boot disks got complicated, requiring end-users to download a 1Gb WAIK package and install a WIM driver on their machines.

Over the past years we saw developers including the Windows AIK drivers on their works without permission from Microsoft, causing a serious problem from a legal standpoint.

Furthermore, the handling of WIM archives is plagued with problems in regards to the correct version of drivers, with compatible use of either x86 or x64 binaries and the requirement of administrative permissions. In overall these conditions provide a serious problem to modern boot disk projects.

With this library/tool we aim to provide the means to create a bootable WIM archive for use in Windows PE projects and similar technologies without such nuisances.

This work is freeware. Made available to the members and developers that support our community. Please read the licensing chapter for further details.

What does it do?

Creates a new WIM archive from an existent folder
Can add/remove single files from existent WIM archives

How to use?
To use this library, you need to have Java installed on your machine.

Graphical User Interface:
- Under Windows double-click on the exe file,
- Under Linux and Mac OSX type "java -jar reWIM.exe"

Command Line Interface
- type "java -jar reWIM.exe" followed by one of these options:

/Custom to add a custom file onto the XML portion of the WIM archive
/Boot to set the WIM archive as bootable
/Capture to add the files from a given folder onto a new WIM archive
/Add to add a file onto an existent WIM archive
/Remove to remove a file from a WIM archive
/Dir to list all files inside an image from a WIM archive
/Apply to extract all files from an image onto a directory

Below is a full example of this syntax:

Code: Select alljava -jar reWIM.exe /Boot /Capture WIMsource WinPE/sources/boot.wim /Custom custom.txt "WindowsPE"

An example is provided inside the file run.bat that demonstrates how to capture a folder onto a WIM archive.


Download 1.2