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Any other Graphic related work can find place here!
 #26048  by Shaneee
 23 Mar 2013, 23:12

A theme for Firefox designed to integrate your browsing experience with Windows 8.

The simplicity and subtlety of Windows 8 styling with a dash of Microsoft Design Language to give you the best of both worlds; a powerful desktop experience and an interface that blends in alongside native Windows 8 apps.

Yeah, you could say it's kinda like Metro.

Compatible with Firefox 21 and later. Most aspects of the theme will work with Firefox 19+ but not all so we do not support it. You can still install it if you wish, by disabling compatibility checking.

From your friendly developers, *SoapyHamHocks & *SpewBoy.

1.0.3 Changes
• Initial release for light version
• Fixed a few CSS errors

I am currently using this in v19.0.2 and it works fine

Code: Select allhttp://www.deviantart.com/download/361067791/pseutro_light_1_0_3_by_spewboy-d5yyxov.xpi